The holidays are upon us and this is the 1st year in a long time my schedule has allowed me to spend it with my family at home in Florida. For the past few years, I remember sitting on FaceTime with the family, crying my eyes out. All I wanted to do was be home for the holidays.

This year, my prayers have been answered, but as I’ve learned in my growth as woman…

Be careful what you Pray for!



So much is different since I was last home for longer than a visit in between modeling jobs. My little sister is now married with two babies. My brother Christian, the youngest of my two siblings, just arrived home from serving in The US Marines. He’s not only larger in size, but so grownup, that now he’s giving me advice.

Everything around me, including my friends from School are changing at a rapid paste and just like their new realities, my life was also constantly growing. What I yearned for was ‘home,’ the familiar feeling from my memories untarnished by time.

The holiday blues again came over me like a hurricane of emotion. This time I longed for the life I escaped for the season. Most of all, I missed the freedom of the open road, the hustle and bustle of my busy schedule, and my tiny Nyc apartment. Although not my parents house, my apartment became my new home, a place I spent most of my spare time decorating with treasures from my travels, that always smelled of eucalyptus and lavender. It was a place that no matter what happened, no matter were in the world I landed, I could go back and shut everything and everyone out!

Although I really loved being at home in Florida, I craved some serenity and comfort from the home that a more grown up me had created, and gotten attached to.

I’ve learned in ones lifetime, one can in fact have many homes. It’s not just a place, it can be a feeling of peace that allows you to relax and be genuinely you. It’s actually simple to create your home away from home when you feel far away!

With my schedule, I’m not able to always be at home physically, but for my sanity I need to create a home away from home. The way I do it is with aromatherapy.

I keep essential oils and a body mist in either lavender or eucalyptus close to me no matter where I go. When I get anxious or home sick, the smell reminds me of being back in my cozy corner of the world. I close my eyes and whisper to myself, “you got this girl, home is within you” and I somehow I get the strength to keep it moving.

Last swim week, I had the pleasure of walking for one of my favorite swimwear designers Indah Swim. In the goodie bags they added a lavender rosemary body mist from ‘AIM Hi Everyday.


The smell not only helped me to relax but reminded me of my apartment. As soon as I got home to Nyc, I sprayed everywhere! Now I always take it with me and in an instant I’m back home and balanced!

All I need are a few seconds to close my eyes and take in the relaxing mist to mentally rebalance my thoughts in the comfort of the home I’ve created in my mind!


I hope you all are being kind to yourself this holiday season. Let me know what types of things you do to recenter and regroup!

Happy Holidays!

Love Renee Bhagwandeen

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