Self-Care In An Industry That’s Hard At Caring

We have all been there, whether we are wondering where our career is going, agents, bookers, casting directors being harsh at the drop of a dime, speaking dimes, waiting for payment, if you even get paid! On top of this navigating the mean streets of any fashion capital every single day. People think modeling is just sitting and being pretty, it is essentially, but it takes a lot of mental strength. People in your own circle will doubt you every single day, I’m fortunate my parents don’t think I’m a lunatic or my dreams are too big, but I can’t say the same for agents, castings and peers.

Self-care can save you when nothing else will. The smallest things whether it be putting on a face mask, attending a yoga class, detoxing with lemon water each morning, or simply lighting candles, can be that one difference from keeping us from pulling our hair out or sending that email.

I have not hugged my mother in 7 months. But each morning my skincare routine, putting on lavender essential oil, sweating it out at the gym 3-4 times a week or picking up a paintbrush can feel like a warm fuzzy hug -a mental hug.

Here are my favorite products that hug me back. Bless This Mess

Leaders Insolution Ampoule Mask

KNC Beauty Collagen Lip Mask

Sootheroma Tempt

The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG

skinBUTTR Strawberry Coconut Buttr

Lumion Oxygen Serum + HOCL

100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Lavender Oil by Natural Acres


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