Blonde Ambition Nightmare

It really doesn’t get scarier than this!!

Lets start with the beginning… I’m new to LA and had the brightest idea “Let’s go down the street and get my highlights and roots touched up” -Little did I know what this would lead to…

Scene: Next Day in a pool of purple shampoo on FaceTime crying to my mom. (She has all the knowledge love you mom!)  I was going to be on set for the movie the very next day for a TV show (coming soon:). How could I possibly show up with basically orange hair and black roots!!! The next day I did my hair as best I could….it was make it work time. Then in Hair and Makeup I met Nina @ninapaskowitz who booked me an appointment the very next day with Verina 

Located in the swanky Beverly Hills, where all products Organic with NO artificial fragrance. I was in Hair Heaven!!  I try to live an organic lifestyle and I mostly eat vegan seeing as my boyfriend is vegan so this totally jived with me.

The whole experience was incredible . My favorite part was the amazing smells of all the products! It was like getting an aromatherapy treatment same time as my hair appointment. Taken care of by Verina herself, felt like being in the hands of Green Mother Nature in her warming presence.



So now below you will see the horrific “before” Pictures…






So much is going on here. My favorite comment from Verina was “You have roots but you got this done two days ago?” Yes I had black roots, orange hair, and grey from all the purple shampoo. I was using purple shampoo to try to tone down the orange and it just made grey patches… Not my finest hour.








We then began a journey.

Step 1) Highlighting and Low Lighting

-after shampooed out sprayed protein


Step 2) Toned Roots

-shampooed out


Step 3) Tackled the Grey

-from my ex bff purple shampoo

-by using clarifying shampoo


Step 4) Protein Mask (Made with Love)
















The finishing result was AMAZING!! I could not believe my hair was not only normal again but so wonderful:) I cannot thank Verina enough! I will be going back before my I go back to NYC next month t0 be double sure the horrific hair accident does not happen again in LA!! Scroll to see all the “after” pictures!!:)





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  1. Omg Shannon that looks so scary ! But I’m glad that yu were able to find a amazing place to make you look beautiful as always !!! Next time I’m in La I know where to go !!!

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