Beautiful Lifestyle No. 2 A Model’s Secret Treat to beat the Summer Heat!

Happy Summer 2017!! I still have a moment where just like any girl I think “Oh God Swim Suit Season Is COMING!” I have to be able to take Photos in a swim suit year round, but there is still always this moment…


I have a HUGE sweet tooth. Often when I am in NYC I hardly have time to eat and Yes I will admit to choosing straight up sugar like sour patch kids or carmel with the white thing in the middle or both for dinner. Not my proudest “model moment”, but hey I’m trying to change my ways! So here is my summer alternative which I discovered last year from the great “fruit man”. (They are located randomly through out the city and hook it up on the fruit!)


I am BaNANANAs for Mangos!



Not only do they hit the spot after a hot day either running around in the city or lounging by the pool, but mangos are packed with goodness.

1.) Mangos help clear the skin

Always great, anything to help my skin!! They help clean pores and eliminate pimples. Mangos can be used internally or externally! (MANGO MASK YALL!)

2.) Improves digestion

Because mangos are packed with fiber this can improve digestion and elimination.

 3.) Promotes Healthy Sex

Mangos are a great source for vitamin E which is linked to a healthy sex drive.

For those hot summer nights…… My new fav from  Trader Joes! The sorbet is prob not as healthy as the fruit, but it is gluten free, dairy free, and kosher certified!!


4.) Improves Eye Health

Since, I am nearly blind, No joke. This is super great.     1 Mango is the daily needed value of vitamin A. This supports healthy eye sight, and combats night blindness and dry eyes.







If you have no idea how to eat a Mango a simple pic chart is below:)


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