Letters from Home

Dear Shan,

I am proud of you. I really have no idea how you do it. They put you under a microscope, one by one, looking for flaws on what appears to be a flawless person. You’re always so confident and true to yourself, and to me that shows just how strong you are. Growing up I always thought modeling was just a fun hobby for you, I didn’t realize how intense and brutal it was. You work so hard everyday but now you’re living your dream and I am so happy for you.

(However I always thought it was weird that your dream didn’t involve eating carbs, but thats your call πŸ™‚ )


Growing up with you was never easy, but then again, when has anything good ever been easy? I miss our Friday night block buster trips with dad, taking dance lessons together, and riding horses at moms.

Though I miss the old times with you, I am extremely excited for all the new memories that are yet to be made. I just hope they still include a lot of dancing.

I call being Amy by the way.



Thank you so much for being a great sister and amazing role model. Through the thick and thin you never stopped pursing what you love. I’m pretty sure you even became a vegan once you are so dedicated. Like a legit vegan. I have no idea how you did that, I’m literally eating pizza right now as I type this, but kudos to you.

Where ever modeling decides to bring you, I will always be on the side line cheering you on. Keep being the beautiful person that you are inside and out, and you better keep me updated on all the fun adventures that are in stores for you! I love you so much. Now go eat a cheeseburger or I’m not taking anymore pictures standing next to you.

Your little sis



As I died laughing to this extremely sweet letter from my sis I also took her advice and got a cheeseburger:)

I miss the simpler days where we played outside jumping on the trampoline with the dogs and riding horses. I miss you making fun of me for the “duck face” and you yelling to stop running into your room in only panties! LOL I miss the little things like purposely trying to get a rise out of you, just to have your attention.

(I wish I could say I only did those things when I was 10!)

I love you so much madi, I’m glad we don’t share a room anymore but I do wish we were in the same state! I’m really so lucky to have you as my cheerleader. Even after being my sister for 20 years you haven’t tired of my antics and still seem to love me, it warms my heart to know you can love your crazy big sis:)! Your such and amazing sister and best friend never change!

and YES I promise there will always be dancing!!


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