Beautiful Lifestyle Tip No. 1 

Bumps on my face…Help!

As a model my skin is pretty important and unfortunately I don’t just have angel skin that is perfectly contoured. I have a history of skin problems i.e. acne, but that is for another day. Also, shout out to my dermatologists over the years! I no longer need medical help, but I do have a regiment.


I tend to travel pretty frequently. This greatly effects my skin and I am prepared for anything at this point! You have to take in consideration the two main factors of humidity and temperature. Currently in Los Angeles the weather is high temperatures and feels like low humidity. Growing up in Louisiana and now living in LA and NYC I quite literally feel like a fish out of water so moisturizer is my BFF.  LOL!




Being this is my first long term stay in LA my skin had a strange reaction to this dry heat… I started to have small bumps appear on my face…NOT OK.

My theory to the problem was this is some kind of heat reaction beyond the help of my moisturizer. My theory to the solution was if I work on tightening my pores the bumps won’t be able to form. My solution was this Bioderma Pore Refiner.  To my happy surprise it worked! Amen!!

–  Naked Face, No Filter and No Bumps:)





The Pore Refiner is a corrective care for enlarged pores. I apply a small half of a dime size dot to my fingers tips and spread a thin layer across my face every morning after washing my face. Immediately, my face feels smoother! I still apply my moisturizer after, the pore refiner does not replace my moisturizer. Lastly, I LOVE the way this makes my skin smell!!





Please comment! I would love to answer and questions:)

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