Getting Ready For LA

Ever get to a point in life where you feel like your making a metaphoric “jump”? As I was debating on going to LA for the summer this was the point I was at. To think I was going to leave everything I loved so dearly and worked so hard for! For me, New York has always been the capital of hustle, fun, and the freedom to pursue. Just as I was feeling comfortable and stable in NYC the opportunity to explore the new horizons of Hollywood became a real option…and this is how I got ready! With an amazing team because you have to show up prepped and ready!

My first stop was the Salon of Paul Labrecque.

<-This needed professional help! Better Call Paul!

Paul Labrecque is a salon, spa, barber, and apothecary with a full service menu where your wildest prim and proper dreams are possible. Our focus was my hair. Paul personally mixed a beautiful concoction of chemicals to make my blonde ambitions come true! Not only was he hilariously entertaining, but did an absolutely stunning job!



One can find Paul Labrecque in the classic sky scraper buildings of the Upper East Side at 66 East 55th Street



Next stop was Exhale Spa also located in the upper east side at 980 Madison ave.

In this spa is @thequeenofbrows , who is just that! She’s all about waves a wand and you have the perfect full natural brows you have always wanted!




After my brows she suggested something I had never heard of… “Lash tinting”. This is a chosen color that will temporarily dye your lashes. The color is completely organic and vegetable based. The color lasts for about 6 weeks so I gave it a try! The finishing result was amazing it totally looked like I was naturally wearing mascara! I hardly have to wear any mascara these days unless I’m going for a dramatic look;)




Before I hugged my agency farewell for the summer and packed my bags, I had to do one last thing…

Shoot with my favorite Beauty Photographer Miguel Herrera

With the help of MUA Ali Lauren Purcell the outcome was all the sass we could have wished for lol!


Until next time, Bless Yall’s Hearts XOXO


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