Models Mafia Interviews Shannon

Everybody is Somebody but who is Shannon….

The story of Southern Belle taking on Modeling Industry

What is your full name?
♦    *clears throat          Shannon Marie McNulty       @shannonmcnulty


Attitude Type? and Origin?
♦ Attitude type→ Hah Multiple.. Typically Sassy and (Goal) Digger like attitude, but I’m just a girl I can’t pretend some days my crown doesn’t slip and I have to adjust it…
♦ Orgin→Growing up in Louisiana is definitely one of the places I get my sassy attitude. I can also thank my crazy nanny, mom, and wild aunts! I love them all so dearly.

When did you start Modeling and Why?
♦ My first glimpse into modeling started when I was scouted at 14 by a radio station lol! I have the best dad ever forbringing me to the first agency convention and helping me buy heals!

♦ I fell in love with the idea of being apart of something creative and making someone’s work come to life. I am more of a black and white kind of girl when it comes to my thinking process, but I have a personality that cannot be contained and modeling was the perfect outlet.

=>Lol! Baby Shan modeling days



What besides Modeling are you passionate about?

♦ While attending University of New Orleans I absolutely fell in love with science…specifically Chemistry. I hope to finish my degree and work with chemistry on a daily. Ofcourse, after I have hung up my heals could be a couple of years lol!  I am actually a super nerd. I love scifi like Star Wars, Darth is everything!! I love reading all types of books from silly scifi to 50 shades of grey to Shakespeare. I enjoy learning something new everyday.


Archive From Chem II Lab=>
Happy Times 🙂















What is the Current State of Union in you life?

  • Currently this country gal is living in New York City
  • I’m signed with Major Model Management
  • In a relationship with Mr. Basora♥a.k.a. Carlos or “Him” @carlos_homme
  • Figuring out how to be Bi-Costal
  • Exploring the idea of acting and the process to be signed
  • Always sassy.









What are your goals we can watch to see unfold?
♦ T R A V E L I N G, hitting the commercial modeling market hard!, breaking into acting, building a future with “Him”♥ and finding happiness along the way!



Anything you like to add to wrap it up?
♦ I hope that this interview is a glimpse into myself and what my future blogs will about!



♥XoXo Bless Yall’s Hearts!

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