Let me guess, for some crazy reason or another you want to make it in the Big Apple. You dream to ride in a taxi down 5th Avenue, get your bagels at Murray’s, eat your pizza at Artichoke, wear a blue plaid suit, listen to jazz musicians waiting on the local 6 and pretend you didn’t see drug deals in Washington Square Park. I get it. I’ve done it, and for quite some time. I’m going to give you the honest truth of what you will always need to know about nyc;

So keep your hands and  feet in the roller coaster. 


1. Sense of direction. 

First thing you need to invest in a subway map. I know you may want to be Carrie Bradshaw and all, but just imagine how many of her scenes waiting at the tracks, made it to the cutting room floor. It’s a confusing city. The NYC transit is awesome. You can get anywhere for $2 something… (The price is steadily increasing.) A cab costing you x10 the amount. I promise you, it’s not as hard as think. Oh, and live performances, or/and unusual drama is always occurring. 


2. Using and hearing the word NO.

Immensely important, is the word No! If you plan on stepping a foot out the door, you’re already at risk of being fed to a pool of sharks. It’s the beauty of it, New Yorkers are some of the worlds best Hustlers.

Hus·tler- ˈhəslər/ nounNORTH AMERICANinformal

1. an aggressively enterprising person; a go-getter.

Locals can sell fire in hell. You either fall for their fast tongues or learn their language. Hearing the word no, it’s also vastly paramount to your absorbing journey. Old friends will think your absolutely kooky, your parents may assume you joined a cult, your boss may fire you…it’s all part of the fun! It won’t rain forever. Following your heart and being extraordinarily happy is momentous. Kick ass and Prove em’ wrong! 

 3. A good pair of sneakers or combat boots. 

You’re going to be doing a LOT of walking. 

 4. A very open mind. 

Don’t get intimidated, or panic. If that’s your personality, this town ain’t for you. The marvelous melting pot is sensational. Anyone can fit in. You can eat Kimchi on 32nd on Tuesday, and Halal on Madison on Friday. You can drink vodka sodas with Paris Hilton in the MeatPacking district, then dance with the Jamaicans in Harlem. You must wear a fabulous pink tuxedo one night and a gothic leather dress in the morning. Go to a Damian Marley concert in Central Park, or go see Phantom at the Oprah on Broadway.

It’s all how you really feel that day, I guess. 

 5. A club promoter or a local bar. 

You’re eventually going to need a drink or five. New York is cool for finding a place where the people are your crowd, and the drinks are cold (preferably free). If you do find your self in 1Oak on a Tuesday, do not get star struck! The real locals could care less if Drake is in the building.

Heed warning, do not party every night away!


6. An effective backpack. 


 7. The local grocery store.

Eating out everyday adds up! 



8. A Voice and a backbone. 

People will try to use you as a welcome mat. The weak minded last around a three weeks.

You have to not only be able to say NO, you have to prove you actually mean it. If something is unfair, speak up! Go for the job anyway. Don’t like what someone did, tell them. Ask and you shall receive. That’s a true Newyorker!


9. A craving for craftsmanship.

It’s unquestionably extraordinary that you can see Vincent Van Gogh, Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo, and Salvador Dali’s finest works just at the MoMa alone.

10. A good attitude! 

If you’ve lived here, you know first hand, New York has a noteworthy, unusual magic. Visiting just doesn’t cast a spell the way residing in the city their does. Be prepared to feel uncomfortable sometimes. It’s crucial in your growing experience. Just come with a good attitude and be open to Lady Liberty’s trance.

 BONUS. A great Deli guy

You have no choice but to make friends with the employees at your local deli. Need a great sandwich for a few bucks, hit them up 24/7 


Places and events at all costs AVOID: 

*Times Square everyday (Believe me I lived around the corner.)

*The Macy’s Thanksgiving and Christmas Day parade 

*34th street and Grand Central Park at 9 and 5 O’clock

*New Years Eve 

*New Years



What are some of your tips for newbies to New York City?


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Why Am I Here?

I thought about artist today. In a way, they are extremely romantic. They have this love affair with their creations that rival the closest bonds. The most interesting part of this process to me, is the inspiration. My first question is always, ‘what made you do this?’ Often times it’s inspired by themselves. Then, my interest grows through the roof! Everyone has a perception of themselves. Whether it be positive or negative, we all seem to see ourselves a certain way. When an artist gives us a glimpse into who they see in the mirror, the energy surrounding the art is deeply personal. In a painter’s point of view, the canvas should be honored to be chosen… right? I would! Then I got to thinking, it’s kinda like God. I wondered what inspired Him to create me and all my good and bad. Then I remembered The Bible saying We were inspired by God! So God, the artist, made me, and the inspiration was Him!






I know, I know it may not sound that amazing to you but in my own way of thinking, it made me feel better about myself. I mean, here I am almost 30, and all my friends back home are married and or on to baby #3, life in full swig. I’m single just starting to figure it out and for once in my life … I’m a little lonely! Ugh I sound so pathetic! NE ways… I kinda got the feeling of just being here (on earth) with no purpose. Then it dawned on me, if God was inspired by Himself to make me; it gotta be for a reason… right? Plus any part of Him is super times infinity anyways, so some of that must be in me somehow! And I know what you are thinking! God’s a busy Guy, not everyone has that.

But you are wrong! 

I thought the same thing, cause I didn’t want to be left out on a blessing of anything.

For us to even be here on earth is a dead ringer that we’re are here for a reason! Think about it. God saw the need for you, me, your mom, whoever, and He sat down (does God sit?) and came up with each one of us individually to apparently fill a need!

I know, sometimes we get caught up in what someone else was blessed with, but what has comforted me is that I got what I have to complete a mission. Nothing more nothing less. And like all great action moves the hero has amnesia but still has to save the world! Like us! We probably won’t even know in this lifetime how greatly our little existence has effected mankind. Look at the Trayvon Martin! He probably never expected his death to be so strategic to our future.

That right there, makes me appreciate what I was given; flaws and all!




Dear God, 

Thank you for the opportunity!

You are Truly magnificent! 

In Jesus Name I pray


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I’m Sarah, although my friends may call me as a gypsy, or a rebel. I grew up in notorious Baltimore, which you may know from “The Wire” or any kooky John Waters film. As much love as I have for Charm City, at 17 I decided to shuffle my cards and deal them in New York.

At 5’9 I pursued a career as a hanger aka a fashion model. After a few years and a dozen catwalks later I decided to listen to my heart and continue to travel moving to the alluring Los Angeles. I ate up the old Hollywood glamour; my belly full of culture and artwork.

After a return visit to New York, I ended up marrying my best friend and returning back to Baltimore.

I’m not exactly sure where I will go next, nevertheless I am inviting you to join me on my adventures as I blog about them!




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About Me @ShannonMcNulty

Hi Y’all,
I’m Shannon McNulty from south Louisiana. I am currently Modeling in New York City and starting a new adventure into the real Lights, Camera’s Action…Los Angeles!

This new stride will involve living Bi-coastal between New York and Los Angeles with my love. Everyday life is like a rodeo. LoL! So, I have decided to write about the ride.

A day in the life where I am constantly learning about the industry, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, adulating, relationship drama, wild best friends, and being myself.

Bless Your Hearts,
xoxo Shannon

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