When I was an intern for a modeling agency, I never believed that someone like me could ever make a mark or leave a legacy in a world like this.

PHOTO BY: @nelsonncastillo

Growing up with a cleft lip, you start to believe that you are truly the only person on earth that understands your insecurities. Creating a community for those who understand what it is like to not just feel different, but who also look different has become my passion project.

Photo by @graphismetroplis



I want to give people like myself a platform and show the world just how beautiful we really are. It’s time we step up, in front of the camera, and rise. This blog will follow my own personal journey of taking my own advice: live your life fearlessly and unapologetically; speak up with love and through art.

Let’s see if there is a place in the industry for the first cleft affected male model.

If not?

PHOTO BY @graphicsmetropolis

Allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Zack Rodetis-Urenda and I am 1 in 700.



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