How to Style A Kimono

The holidays are about over and it can be tempting to just throw on a coat and a pair of leggings everyday, but you can spice up your look with a statement kimono. You can dress it up or down to add a chic flair to almost any look. It’s all about how you style your outfit. For example, I threw on my Kimono with this Little black dress from Vibe Apparel which is incredibly comfortable and also makes my legs look great. You can shake it up with jeans or  with tights and or thigh high boots for warmth. If you need to add more layers you can bundle up and throw on your kimono, with your winter jacket.












This is my look for my grandma’s 75th birthday. We took her to my favorite breakfast spot, The Jet Set Cafe. It’s the cutest place ever, located directly on the tarmac at Fort Lauderdale Executive airport.

Just remember, it’s all about how you style it!

Until next time!


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How Model Raelia Lewis Stays Fit ( Vegan Recipes including)

I get asked the same question all the time: “How do you stay so thin?”

Many people think I can’t gain weight, but contrary to popular belief I can. I was 20 pounds heavier than I am now due to poor eating habits in the past. Now, the extra pounds are off due to my new lifestyle and diet. I replaced fast food and junk food with foods that are yummy and healthy. I’ve never been a fan of crash diets. My diet is a transitioning process that involves cutting out anything that isn’t healthy and finding a similar but healthier alternative. I love pasta, but we all know that pasta can be fattening. Instead of a life without something I enjoy, I found a creative way to make a yummy pasta dish that includes vegan Alfredo sauce, spinach, and squash noodles. It’s less than half the calories of traditional Alfredo pasta ,but it tastes just as good:-) I have to be honest with you, I’m a foodie! I believe that life is supposed to be enjoyed, and food definitely brings me enjoyment. My goal is to live my best life however, and food is a defining factor in health and wellness. I enjoy my life through food in creative and healthy ways. I cut out meat two years ago, and I followed with fish, whole milk, yogurt, ice cream, soda and other junk foods. I cut things out of my diet at my own pace and that method really worked for me. Today, I’m a vegetarian but my goal is to go vegan. I loovveeee pizza, so i’m not in any rush just yet(the pizza keeps calling me)! Pizza is my cheat day meal for now. My normal diet is full of fruits, vegetables, and beans. Some of my favorite healthy dishes and snacks are:


Vegan buffalo tacos with Sweet potato fries


Fresh organic cauliflower

Buffalo sauce

Chili powder



Olive oil

Wheat tortilla wrap

1 avocado

Spinach leaves

Organic ketchup( no high fructose corn syrup)

Pre-cut sweet potato fries(they’re fresh, not frozen)

I heat the oven to 425. I place washed cauliflower in a medium bowl with chili powder, garlic, and 1 cup of buffalo sauce. I make sure the cauliflower is completely coated before placing on a baking sheet with olive oil. I let it cook for 20 minutes.

When it’s done, I place the cauliflower inside tortilla wraps filled with spinach, and avocado:-)

I buy my pre cut sweet potato fries from my local Whole Foods Market. I season them with a small amount of olive oil and garlic and I bake them for 20 minutes.

I add organic ketchup to the fries and my meal is complete.





Vegan Alfredo pasta

I buy pre-cut squash noodles at my local Whole Foods Market. I found an amazing vegan red pepper Alfredo sauce there too! I sauté the squash noodles in olive oil or vegan butter for 15 minutes. I like my noodles soft. I add spinach, fresh garlic, chili powder, and vegan Alfredo sauce and mix everything together while the noodles are still cooking. This meal is so yummy.



Fruit sorbet:

I freeze an organic banana, strawberries and mangos overnight. The next day, I place the fruit in a blender and I add organic orange juice. The end result is a healthy sorbet that tastes just as good with no added sugar.

Green machine smoothie


This smoothie is a great meal replacement because it’s filling and it has all the required fruits and vegetable servings you need per day.


1 avocado

1 banana

2 cups of spinach

1 cup of kale

1 cup of frozen mangos

Almond milk




On cheat days, I end my night with this smoothie and it leaves me satisfied.

Remember the goal isn’t to be a size 2, the goal is to be the healthiest version of yourself. Your diet is more important than any workout routine. Make health your priority!



More info: Raelia Lewis is an international model, and Brand ambassador who appeared on the 21st cycle of America’s Next Top Model. She wrote two books “Trust Your Journey”, and “From Incarceration To Inspiration” that are available on Amazon and at

Connect with her today on Instagram @RaeliaLewis

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The holidays are upon us and this is the 1st year in a long time my schedule has allowed me to spend it with my family at home in Florida. For the past few years, I remember sitting on FaceTime with the family, crying my eyes out. All I wanted to do was be home for the holidays.

This year, my prayers have been answered, but as I’ve learned in my growth as woman…

Be careful what you Pray for!



So much is different since I was last home for longer than a visit in between modeling jobs. My little sister is now married with two babies. My brother Christian, the youngest of my two siblings, just arrived home from serving in The US Marines. He’s not only larger in size, but so grownup, that now he’s giving me advice.

Everything around me, including my friends from School are changing at a rapid paste and just like their new realities, my life was also constantly growing. What I yearned for was ‘home,’ the familiar feeling from my memories untarnished by time.

The holiday blues again came over me like a hurricane of emotion. This time I longed for the life I escaped for the season. Most of all, I missed the freedom of the open road, the hustle and bustle of my busy schedule, and my tiny Nyc apartment. Although not my parents house, my apartment became my new home, a place I spent most of my spare time decorating with treasures from my travels, that always smelled of eucalyptus and lavender. It was a place that no matter what happened, no matter were in the world I landed, I could go back and shut everything and everyone out!

Although I really loved being at home in Florida, I craved some serenity and comfort from the home that a more grown up me had created, and gotten attached to.

I’ve learned in ones lifetime, one can in fact have many homes. It’s not just a place, it can be a feeling of peace that allows you to relax and be genuinely you. It’s actually simple to create your home away from home when you feel far away!

With my schedule, I’m not able to always be at home physically, but for my sanity I need to create a home away from home. The way I do it is with aromatherapy.

I keep essential oils and a body mist in either lavender or eucalyptus close to me no matter where I go. When I get anxious or home sick, the smell reminds me of being back in my cozy corner of the world. I close my eyes and whisper to myself, “you got this girl, home is within you” and I somehow I get the strength to keep it moving.

Last swim week, I had the pleasure of walking for one of my favorite swimwear designers Indah Swim. In the goodie bags they added a lavender rosemary body mist from ‘AIM Hi Everyday.

The smell not only helped me to relax but reminded me of my apartment. As soon as I got home to Nyc, I sprayed everywhere! Now I always take it with me and in an instant I’m back home and balanced!

All I need are a few seconds to close my eyes and take in the relaxing mist to mentally rebalance my thoughts in the comfort of the home I’ve created in my mind!


I hope you all are being kind to yourself this holiday season. Let me know what types of things you do to recenter and regroup!

Happy Holidays!

Love Renee Bhagwandeen

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BrandSnob Features ReneeBigtime – An Influencer To Watch!

Hey Mafia, Check out my interview with one of the coolest influencer platforms BrandSnob!


Trinidad-born supermodel, Renee Bhagwandeen is more than just a pretty face. The America’s Next Top Model is HUNGRY for success and we are excited to watch her as her journey continues. In addition to working on her blog Renee continues her love for fashion with the launch of her shoe company, Sole Ties Shoe Shop.

She is definitely one to keep an eye on!


In 2011 I had the opportunity to compete to become Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe. Shortly after I received a flood of questions about beauty, fitness, and my lifestyle choices. I started sharing my secrets and tips with my Facebook friends at the time, which blossomed into my blog Over the years my blog grew and evolved with me as I matured, as not only a way to share beauty and lifestyle advice, but a way to vent and invite my subscribers on my adventures as a model.


America’s Next Top Model was definitely an interesting experience with loads of lessons for me. I did the show when I was unsure about the direction I wanted my career and life to take, so it helped me to develop a better sense of self and showed me how strong I could be when pushed to the limit. The biggest lesson I learned was the importance of branding and knowing your own personal brand.


Since the show I was blessed to take my career to levels I’ve only dreamed about. I’ve gotten to work with some of the most beautiful souls and traveled to magical places I’ll never forget. I even got to make my acting debut alongside ‘The Rock’ Dwane Johnson in Ballers last year, which opened so many doors for me to venture into.


My personal style usually depends on the vibes I get from the city I’m in. Currently in South Florida, my style is a mix of Tomboy Chic with a sprinkle of tropical Barbie. The island girl inside me is always a constant and she loves shoes!!!


The best influencer campaign I’ve worked on was with Dark and Lovely by L’Oreal. It was all about individuality and celebrating strong, proud, natural women – things I hope more brands embrace.


Why thank you! My skin care routine is simple. I drink loads of water or coconut water, and I try my best to remove my makeup before bed! When the climate is dry or cold I make sure my skin is properly moisturized, and if it’s humid and hot I exfoliate at least twice a week. The products I use depend on my mood, but my must have is a good face mask!


BrandSnob is my favorite influencer platform. It’s the easiest to use and is super user friendly. The fact that it’s an app helps me keep track of the brands I work with and stay organized.



Link to the article 🔗

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Travel Hair Care Routine for Stress-Out Hair

Travel is part of my job description and also one of the many things that STRESSES my hair out! My curls get dry and brittle by the time my plane lands, no matter how long the trip. Over the years I’ve picked up a few tricks to help rehabilitate my locks. The ones that work the best for me is to apply a leave-in conditioner, hair mask, or hair oil and wrap my hair into a bun, or braided into pigtails for the duration of the flight.

The other day I came across The Cosmocap by Remilia hair. A unique encapsulated hair serum that locks in moisture. The Cosmocap uses advanced Italian technology with a mix of powerful ingredients to bring you the perfect cocktail for your hair. It’s formulated with pro vitamin B-5, keratin amino acids & silk protein to repair, strengthen and hydrate. Because of its many benefits and easy to travel with capsules, I’ve added it to my travel hair prep routine.

Here is how I like to prep my hair for take off!

◦ Shampoo and condition🧖🏾‍♀️

◦ Massage 2 cosmocaps into scalp 💆🏾‍♀️

◦ Detangle with wet brush 🙆🏾‍♀️

◦ Style in protective hairstyle🙇🏾‍♀️

◦ Take off! ✈️

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PopSugar Feature of Renee’s ANTM Experience

Check out my feature on Pop Sugar

The Biggest Surprise About Being on America’s Next Top Model, From a Former Contestant




When I was a little girl, I wanted to be royal like Princess Diana. I was bullied as a child and I had very little self-worth. I saw Diana on television: beautiful, glamorous, and on a mission to help people all over the world. Deep down, I believed that — just maybe — if I were on TV like Diana, people would love me too.

As I grew older, the dream of glamour and television stuck with me. It was buried deep down, something in my subconscious, which I didn’t think about often. That is, until it happened.

The call came at the worst possible time. It was early 2013, and I’d just arrived in New York City from my home in Florida. I was 24 and returning to Manhattan, where I lived in a “model apartment,” a crowded, dormitory-like setup for models who haven’t quite made it yet.

My career, at that point, was a struggle. In one sense, things were going well. I was signed and working at least once a week. I traveled around the world.

But what I really wanted was a big career — and to be able to afford a life for myself. I wasn’t seeing any progression. The only thing that kept me going was the fear of having to go home a failure. I had started at 18 years old and, six years later, was still not a supermodel or even close.

I confided in a former agent about my struggles. He was sympathetic, but he did something more that just encourage me. Without my knowledge, he submitted me as a contestant on America’s Next Top Model. When he told me what he’d done, I was thrilled. I’d never considered applying, but it suddenly seemed like the best way forward.

But then the deadline for my hearing back from the show came and passed; I filed the show away as just another dream I would not achieve.

On that fateful day, I tried to pick up my phone, but it fell and promptly turned off. I was struggling with getting luggage into a taxi. I just put the phone in my pocket to call whomever it was back later.

But then the phone rang again — and it was Tyra Banks.

Well, it was someone calling on behalf of Tyra. The call was from the production team, telling me to ring back right away and informing me that the call would be recorded.

I waited to dial until I was back in my apartment, with a friend documenting the memorable call on her camera phone.

The phone rang. A producer answered.

“You did not make the cut for America’s Next Top Model,” she said.

My heart sank. I couldn’t even respond.

“Just kidding,” the producer replied. “You’re in.”

At that point, I could respond. I screamed so loudly that even my friend joined in.

“One more thing,” the producer added after telling me all the next steps. “It actually was Tyra who rang you before. You missed her call.”

When those closest to me heard about my casting, their usually skeptical attitude about my career turned hopeful and supportive. In that instant, I forgot the past. I wanted to make my friends and family proud. I turned into beast mode and got myself ready for war — that is, America’s Next Top Model.



Everything I expected about the show was wrong. I thought everyone would hate each other, and that I’d have to fight for a bed or steal someone’s cab in a challenge. But to my surprise, being on the show was refreshing and awesome. I’d never been in an environment where people were so encouraging; even my fellow contestants believed I would succeed. I was overwhelmed. I’d never really had people support me like that, and it felt amazing.

Being on the show gave me a lot of time — two and a half months, to be precise — to talk and think about my growth. The application alone had been 10 pages to fill out, all about me. Then there were the confessionals, which were all about how I felt about my work. I spoke to the judges about my performance and my hopes. I learned so much about myself and started to believe in my own strength and potential.

What I couldn’t escape, however, was that on America’s Next Top Model — and in the industry as a whole — women are judged based on their looks. The one thing that’s craziest to me, in retrospect, is how badly I wanted my looks to be appreciated. Weirdly enough, during my time on the show, I started to see more and more of my own inner value even as I was being judged superficially. Each photo shoot made me want to be better. At every challenge, I gave more than I thought I could. All I wanted was to be good enough to work consistently.

I think I did pretty well on America’s Next Top Model. I can honestly say I’m proud of myself for sticking in there. I did not win, but that fueled my fire to succeed even more. I met amazing people, many of whom are still great friends. The experience is one I’ll cherish forever. Being on the show helped me finally be comfortable with myself. And that dream of being on television finally came true.

The only true challenge came after the show aired. Considering the show’s popularity, viewers and the press wanted to know about my life. America’s Next Top Model had portrayed me as a loud and outspoken girl — and thank God for that! Fans grew to enjoy hearing me speak; they were listening to what came out of my mouth. I hadn’t had any guidance on managing such interest, and I had to learn how to handle things on my own. I was grateful for my dreams coming true, but there was a time of adjustment. Slowly, I got to know myself and found out what I wanted to say. Social media has proven to be a great place for a former “television model,” and I can now communicate directly with people who have followed my journey.

Looking back on my experiences on Tyra’s show, I can’t help but feel glad. I understand now at age 27 that, to be happy in life, you have to figure out why you’re here. Princess Diana probably had many purposes, but I’m so thankful to have seen her example of how life can be a glamorous adventure. On my modeling journey, nothing can stand in my way as long as I have good intentions.








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Stressed Out & Overwhelmed


Life is stressful, no doubt about that, but everyone has their limitations, including models. It’s no secret, anyone that’s a ‘non model’ believes our job is just a dream. They seem to think we are the ones who not only won in the gene pool, but at life as well. To them we are all rich and famous, with the perfect everything, so making us the bud of their jokes, will just pull us down to earth a little, like the rest of the average humans. I’ve learned how to combat a lot in the ten years of my career. Things like learning to wear my tuff skin when stepping into a gym, cause if looks could kill, I’d be six feet under for thinking my skinny ass belonged there! I mean, at least one person never fails to ask me, what I’m doing working out, with the most sincerity ever, as if they are truly concerned I’d actually disappear! The worst is, when you are home and find yourself being the only ‘real’ model within a 5 mile radius, and are invited to a, let’s say, family function, and everyone including the dog, assumes they are Tyra Banks herself, and wants to make you ‘America’s Next Top Model. It may not seem like a lot to you, but when someone thinks it’s no big deal to express how much, or little I eat, WHILE IM EATING, to a crowd that already thinks I’m anorexic or on heavy drugs, I get defensive; and with a mouth like mine, all hell is sure to break loose. Most people would never think it’s ok to call some someone fat, or obese to their face, and expect them to be ok with it, so why would calling me skinny, or affectionately naming me ‘bones’ be any better?





These thing are just the icing on top of the cake of abuse that models endure for being a glorified clothes hanger, that just happened to look like the current standard of beauty, that the general public set for us in the first place. Don’t get me started on how hard we are on ourselves, not to mention each other . If you tell a model they look like another model, and they really do aesthetically, just know that they already know, and secretly hate them because the more you look like someone, is the more you get compared to them, to a point of considering to pull a Tonya Harding. Yea, it’s that serious sometimes cause there is only room for one, especially if you are not 16 years old, blonde hair blues eyes, with perfect measurements!




All in all, it’s a hard knock life, for us, just like anyone else, the only difference is, our dirty laundry is spread out on front street, with no compassion or remorse, simply because we’re ‘perfect!’ One may ask, why I even became a model in the first place, a question I often ask myself every time my agency doesn’t pay me, or yells at me for not showing up on time to be a human pin cushion, to resentful stylist that seems to think I’m actually plastic. The answer is, I got into the game young and naïve and decided to prove I can be successful at something other than the prestigious doctor, lawyer, or McDonald’s burger flipper. It was my dream to travel the world and be the face on the magazines that my future daughter would look at, because as a child, those beautiful models, rarely looked like me.




Here I am almost 29 and just realizing, that I’ve been running this lonely race for a long time with no breaks since I started. I’m overwhelmed and exhausted. There are things however, that I like about being a model, but at this moment, I find it hard to have anything other than resentment for my dream job. My accomplishments seems to have become weights on my shoulders, because if I show pride for a job well done, it is taken as showing off and used as an opportunity to remind me of how self centered I’ve become. My failures are celebrated by, dear I say, ‘jealous’ acquaintances and thrown in my face, to put me back in my place. I know I’m am build to be strong but there is a point where the straw brakes the camels back. Recently I was there! I could not stand it anymore and allowed depression to take over.



I’m not writing this because I want a pity party or anything, but because I know how lonely this industry can be for us models. For anyone that understands how I feel, I know how important it is to take a break! Like a real self searching, head clearing, body cleansing, break, and IT IS OK!! I got myself out of the hustle and bustle, removed the toxic relationships in my life, and left the agencies that were draining me of not only my money but my self worth! I must admit, it wasn’t easy, it’s not even easy to write this blog post to you right now, but I had to do it to feel better and hopefully help anyone going through the same thing. Friends and family usually are there for you but often don’t understand. What I’ve learned though is, you have to know when enough is enough, and when it’s time to regroup and recharge. Here are some things I’ve been doing that’s been working to help me to clear my mind.




Find a quite place to meditate and pray.

Prayer and meditation has really given me an extra life line and allowed me to begin the process of healing. I’ll admit, I have not gotten it down yet, so what I do is to just sit in my closet ( yes my closet) away from any distractions. I also take this time to write in a note book I have specially for this purpose. Sometimes I write to myself, some times it’s to God and sometimes it’s to my future or past self. In the beginning this was really tuff and I cried A LOT, but afterwards I feel so much better and ready to face the world! This is my safe place.




Read something uplifting.

I am an extreme over thinker and find it hard to stop my mind from racing 24/7. I found that reading really helps me to direct my attention to something else long enough to relax. A book thats has given me comfort while still providing me with valuable tools to help myself is, ‘The Travelers Gift‘ by Andy Andrews. It’s a book I truly believe everyone going through an overwhelming season should read.





Now I know you’re probably thinking that I just bashed going to the gym, and now I want to work out. If I felt more comfortable going, I probably would have never looked for other places to work out like the park or outside period. I found I really enjoy running outside among nature. I have an extremely short attention span so seeing trees, even buildings when I’m in NYC or different things on my path also allows me to clear my head. However you work out is good! Just make sure it’s in a non judgmental environment and you are doing it for at least 20-30 mins.




Salt baths

One thing I enjoy more than anything thing, is soaking in a tub full or Himalayan bath salts, with my scented candles lit, listening to rain falling on YouTube. I don’t know if it’s the salt helping to draw out stress, or the aroma therapy of my candles, or even the rain sounds, but that combination ALWAYS works it’s magic on me. I recommend this for a long or hectic day.




I hope my tips help anyone feeling overwhelmed and stressed out there, I know it helped me by getting some of these things off my chest. To all the models, just remember we are all in this together and this career is HARD, so be kind yourself and each other. To the non models, I know it looks like we have it all, but we are still human and just because you see us smiling, doesn’t mean we are happy.





Regards @Reneebigtime

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Self-Care In An Industry That’s Hard At Caring

We have all been there, whether we are wondering where our career is going, agents, bookers, casting directors being harsh at the drop of a dime, speaking dimes, waiting for payment, if you even get paid! On top of this navigating the mean streets of any fashion capital every single day. People think modeling is just sitting and being pretty, it is essentially, but it takes a lot of mental strength. People in your own circle will doubt you every single day, I’m fortunate my parents don’t think I’m a lunatic or my dreams are too big, but I can’t say the same for agents, castings and peers.

Self-care can save you when nothing else will. The smallest things whether it be putting on a face mask, attending a yoga class, detoxing with lemon water each morning, or simply lighting candles, can be that one difference from keeping us from pulling our hair out or sending that email.

I have not hugged my mother in 7 months. But each morning my skincare routine, putting on lavender essential oil, sweating it out at the gym 3-4 times a week or picking up a paintbrush can feel like a warm fuzzy hug -a mental hug.

Here are my favorite products that hug me back. Bless This Mess

Leaders Insolution Ampoule Mask

KNC Beauty Collagen Lip Mask

Sootheroma Tempt

The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG

skinBUTTR Strawberry Coconut Buttr

Lumion Oxygen Serum + HOCL

100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Lavender Oil by Natural Acres


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Blonde Ambition Nightmare

It really doesn’t get scarier than this!!

Lets start with the beginning… I’m new to LA and had the brightest idea “Let’s go down the street and get my highlights and roots touched up” -Little did I know what this would lead to…

Scene: Next Day in a pool of purple shampoo on FaceTime crying to my mom. (She has all the knowledge love you mom!)  I was going to be on set for the movie the very next day for a TV show (coming soon:). How could I possibly show up with basically orange hair and black roots!!! The next day I did my hair as best I could….it was make it work time. Then in Hair and Makeup I met Nina @ninapaskowitz who booked me an appointment the very next day with Verina 

Located in the swanky Beverly Hills, where all products Organic with NO artificial fragrance. I was in Hair Heaven!!  I try to live an organic lifestyle and I mostly eat vegan seeing as my boyfriend is vegan so this totally jived with me.

The whole experience was incredible . My favorite part was the amazing smells of all the products! It was like getting an aromatherapy treatment same time as my hair appointment. Taken care of by Verina herself, felt like being in the hands of Green Mother Nature in her warming presence.



So now below you will see the horrific “before” Pictures…






So much is going on here. My favorite comment from Verina was “You have roots but you got this done two days ago?” Yes I had black roots, orange hair, and grey from all the purple shampoo. I was using purple shampoo to try to tone down the orange and it just made grey patches… Not my finest hour.








We then began a journey.

Step 1) Highlighting and Low Lighting

-after shampooed out sprayed protein


Step 2) Toned Roots

-shampooed out


Step 3) Tackled the Grey

-from my ex bff purple shampoo

-by using clarifying shampoo


Step 4) Protein Mask (Made with Love)
















The finishing result was AMAZING!! I could not believe my hair was not only normal again but so wonderful:) I cannot thank Verina enough! I will be going back before my I go back to NYC next month t0 be double sure the horrific hair accident does not happen again in LA!! Scroll to see all the “after” pictures!!:)





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On Set Majid Jordan and Party Next Door’s Music Video

The Majid Jordan and Party Next Door music video “One I Want”  has officially dropped. This means I can share behind the scenes fun facts, drama, and more!  If you don’t know who Majid Jordan is, then here is a little background. Majid Maskati and Jordan Ullman are a Canadian duo signed under Drake’s OVO sound record label. They have been in the scene with drake as early as 2013,  in one of my personal favorite Drake tracks “Hold on, We’re going home”. Classic.


Lets start with Makeup.

Here the bomb hair and makeup artist @Lqrocksbeauty (Laquanna Chong) did a “no makeup”/ Makeup look. Lol gets me every time “no makeup”.  No, I did not wake up like this and I’m so happy Laquanna had me stuntin’!

Fun Fact: In hair and makeup, Majid politely came in to say “Hi” to everyone and introduce himself, then thanked us all for coming! How Sweet!





Next was wardrobe, I fell in love with my furry baby blue….seeing as baby blue is my new favorite color! (Christmas List)





Then off to the set!



So I was in the video for one scene with Jordan. It was about 15 seconds lol and took maybe 10 minutes to shoot. My job was to be as still as a mannequin, clearly this was not difficult..

Fun Fact: Jordan was super nice. In between shots we talked about New Orleans and laughed about Mardi Gras! Shout out to my 504 Girls!!












Being a 504 girl myself, it was such a dope experience and to feel apart of. I have to thank the Casting Director, my boyfriend, and love, @Carlos_homme for selecting me:) I do confess being on set with you was my highlight!

Check out the video!


XOXO, Shannon









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Found A Timeless Cream For My New Mature Skin Routine

Summer 2017 is here! It’s time to loose our winter layers to show off some skin. You have no idea how excited for the sun I’ve been till I noticed my face started freaking out. Naturally, I asked my Mom what was going on and she said at around her late 20’s her skin and body started to change as well. Her entire beauty regiment had to be reworked to cater to the new woman that was blooming, and it looked like it was happening to me as well.











First things first, I had to figure out my skin. Aside from tiny heat bumps all over not just my face but my entire body, my skin just looked dry, dull, and tired. It was NOT pretty at all!










After doing my research and asking my skin guru friends for advice, I came across an All- Natural, Plant-Based, Organic, and 100% bioavailable brand called Total Activation. What caught my attention was the fact that the line is made from certified organic and natural ingredients. The are also the first synergistic skincare and nutrition line for forever young women! No parabens, no sulphates, no phthalates. No animal testing.


I went with their Total Activation Timeless Cream.





Here is some more info about the Timeless Cream




Total Activation Timeless Cream is the highest potency product in the Total Activation line. Maximum potency HA (Hyaluronic Acid) and CoQ10 penetrate deep within skin to activate firmness while bio-active protectants form a barrier to lock-in moisture. Used as a target treatment for troubling areas, Timeless Cream works immediate firming wonders and unlocks complete firmness after just a week of treatments. For heavy wrinkles, Timeless Cream can supplement serum treatments for clinical quality results. Add to Cart today and start watching your most prominent, difficult to treat wrinkles disappear-guaranteed.


High-Potency Treatment Activates Even the Most Difficult to Treat Wrinkles.

  • Highest-Potency Total Activation Product – Natural Hyaluronic Acid, CoQ10, Vitamin B5, Vitamin C, and botanical skin firming nutrients available in Total Activation’s most potent formulation!
  • Plant-Based, 100% Bioavailable Formula – Enjoy the power of potentially harmful synthetic treatments in an plant-based blend that’s 100% bioavailable and developed to work with your both to unlock firmness.
  • Max Strength HA for Maximum Results – Use Timeless Cream on your most difficult to treat wrinkles for maximum strength rejuvenating results. Ideal as a supplement to night cream or serum for hard to treat areas


Total Activation Timeless Cream




When it came in the mail the first thing I did was take it for a test run.  My first thought was, the consistency of the cream was soft and light, which is great for not clogging my pours. I massaged a dime sized amount into my face and neck, and went on with my day. The next morning I noticed a small difference in the brightness of skin and the annoying tiny bumps had faded enough for me to keep using for the rest of the week.



Truth be told, I love the results! One week later and my skin looks like I had a ton of sleep and is completely clear!  The tiny bumps have completely demised and I keep getting complements on my skin. I loved it so much I recommended it to a few of my friends with different skin types and now I need to reorder because they loved  it as much as I do and used it all smh! I’ve officially added Total Activation to my new improved mature skin care routine. They really delivered with this cream, so I guess all that’s left for me to do now is to try the rest of their amazing line of products… Ill keep you posted on!











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Beautiful Lifestyle No. 2 A Model’s Secret Treat to beat the Summer Heat!

Happy Summer 2017!! I still have a moment where just like any girl I think “Oh God Swim Suit Season Is COMING!” I have to be able to take Photos in a swim suit year round, but there is still always this moment…


I have a HUGE sweet tooth. Often when I am in NYC I hardly have time to eat and Yes I will admit to choosing straight up sugar like sour patch kids or carmel with the white thing in the middle or both for dinner. Not my proudest “model moment”, but hey I’m trying to change my ways! So here is my summer alternative which I discovered last year from the great “fruit man”. (They are located randomly through out the city and hook it up on the fruit!)


I am BaNANANAs for Mangos!



Not only do they hit the spot after a hot day either running around in the city or lounging by the pool, but mangos are packed with goodness.

1.) Mangos help clear the skin

Always great, anything to help my skin!! They help clean pores and eliminate pimples. Mangos can be used internally or externally! (MANGO MASK YALL!)

2.) Improves digestion

Because mangos are packed with fiber this can improve digestion and elimination.

 3.) Promotes Healthy Sex

Mangos are a great source for vitamin E which is linked to a healthy sex drive.

For those hot summer nights…… My new fav from  Trader Joes! The sorbet is prob not as healthy as the fruit, but it is gluten free, dairy free, and kosher certified!!


4.) Improves Eye Health

Since, I am nearly blind, No joke. This is super great.     1 Mango is the daily needed value of vitamin A. This supports healthy eye sight, and combats night blindness and dry eyes.







If you have no idea how to eat a Mango a simple pic chart is below:)


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